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Stadiums In Residential Neighborhoods

Don't most schools already have stadiums?


Who will be using this stadium?

Frequency of Use

5 night games per year VS 7 days per week?

Environmental Impact

Determined to be a non-significant project--therefore No SEPA?

Incremental Build

Could it be significant that this project was build incrementally over 6 permits and 13 years?

Impact On Livability / Quality of Life

What will the impact of this project be on the quality of life in our neighborhood?

Stadium Light Towers

Discussions related to Stadium Lighting

Impact On Property Values

What will the impact be on property values?

Stadium Sound System / Noise

Discussions related to Stadium Sound System


Discussions related to Stadium Traffic


Discussions related to Parking

Permitted Hours of Operation

Discussions regarding Permitted Hours of Operation

Costs to Home Owners, Seattle and King County?

What are the long term costs of this project for Seattle and King County in lost revenues?

Will this set a precedent?

What will the impact be on residential zoning in Seattle?