Who will be using this stadium?

http://blackstonewilliams.com/map While not public… it’s not just for Blanchet students.

  • Will Blanchet be renting out the facility? Blanchet has always been ambiguous about who will use the facility.
  • Whether or not there is a ‘rental fee,’ or a contribution, or some other exchange that takes place, the bottom line is that they school may make this private facility available to ‘Others’ who are not part of our neighborhood.
  • Such an action would no doubt benefit the institution and would be detrimental to the neighborhood.
  • When asked who the users would be Blanchet has always been ambiguous and open ended in their response.  Would all 4 Catholic High Schools eventually use the stadium?

click ‘Others’ outside of our neighborhood will benefit, while we pay the price--in terms of loss of: property values, livability and quality of life—all despite the ‘protections’ of residential zoning.