• Most of the streets in the neighborhood are only 30’ wide with parking on both sides, allowing only 1 lane of traffic. When cars meet going opposite directions, especially when coupled with parking overflows, the ensuing traffic snarls for residents, attendees, and emergency vehicles will be untenable.
  • Traffic on 85th already backs up at the light at Wallingford, especially during school events. During events at the stadium, which will be larger than current events, traffic on 85th will be further snarled.The traffic problems during rush hour, at the beginning and end of a school day or events are already enormous without the extending the hours of operations or expanding use to other private groups. 
  • The TMP that Blanchet works under is an informal letter dated 1997 which in no way meets the standard currently required and which all major businesses and institutions within Seattle must operate. The proposed modifications to the TMP only addresses varsity football games and does not touch on day parking, other school events nor is there any plan for verification or reporting.

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