• On days when Blanchet High School has events, parking can be impossible - visitors gridlock the neighborhood streets while circling trying to find a parking spot - meanwhile neighbors (many of whom have no on-site parking in this early 1900's neighborhood), must park many blocks from home.
  • On a regular basis, cars stop in the middle of the street to drop off students, park too close to intersections, block driveways, intersections, and alleys.  
  • When there are events at the school, neighbors must allow extra time to get in and out of their own driveways - and often find illegally parked cars blocking their driveways (and blocking fire hydrants and intersections).
  • Blanchet’s own parking consultant has pointed out that
  • “the study area does not have enough available on-street spaces to accommodate all of the demand from a game of average attendance.”
  • “The potential for higher parking utilization during game nights could also increase the potential for illegal parking (e.g., parking on sidewalks, parking too close to intersections or driveways, or in restricted parking areas).”
  • Many residents do not have on-site parking and must utilize street parking. Night games will occur when they are home from work. The resulting competing demands for parking would impair the livability of the neighborhood extending far beyond the immediate area.
  • Throughout the past 25 years Blanchet has undertaken project after project, often removing area from their on-site parking.  The result: often an impossible parking situation. Allowing evening and night games is only going to make this worse.


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