Stadium Sound System

What will be the impact of the new sound system on our quiet neighborhood?


  • On Aug 31 Blanchet held an evening game with extremely loud and intrusive noise from their PA system. On investigating, we found what we believe to be significant non-conformance with their last permit, issued in 2006. We have asked the city to investigate.
  • 2 weeks later they installed a limiter on their amplifier. This reduces the sound somewhat, and decreases the severity of their non-conformance, so we wrote a letter of thanks to Blanchet. But we still demand that they bring the existing facility into conformance prior to any further action being taken on their current proposal.
  • Currently the noise from practices and games during the day seems beyond the maximum allowed by Seattle’s code.
  • To extend the hours into the evening, and to increase the amount of use of the stadium, will make the situation worse during the evenings when the residents would hope for a quieter and more livable environment.
  • Seattle's Department of Planning and Development has ONLY considered the level of sound from the speakers on the ground at the edge of the field. There is no concern given to the noise from the crowd, the band or the traffic.  Nor is there any consideration given to the sound that is reflected from multiple points throughout our neighborhood. Many of us believe that the sound is even louder above the field as the noise bounces off of the nearby buildings and echoes up to the houses that overlook the school.
  • We hired a professional acoustic engineer to measure the last Blanchet home game of 2012. He found the total noise from the stadium to exceed City limitations by 10 dbA – that 10 dbA represents essentially a doubling of the noise heard by a human ear.
For more discussion see pages 38 – 39 and Exhibit B of our Nov. 20 submittal to the city entitled “Deny the Blanchet Stadium Proposal”click here.

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