Impact On Livability / Quality of Life

What will be the impact on the livability of our neighborhoods?

What will happen to our quality of life?

For many of us this is a very emotional issue.  This is our home.  A special place we have invested years of time and resources to make it a place where we want to live, sleep, raise our kids and escape the pressures of the work day.   All of this is threatened by this Stadium.

This is a small single family neighborhood with quiet streets and a short walk to Greenlake.  Yet over the years, one small step at a time, this private institution has added a field, bleacher seating, press box, a sound system, a retaining wall more, bleachers seating, and all of a sudden have a full blown stadium for which they now want stadium light towers, a new sound system so that they can open their gates and pack our quiet streets with nightly crowds, late night noise, and heavy traffic, while taking dusk and dark skies and blocking our vistas with 70-foot tall towers.

This is our home.  The organization and families taking advantage of the Stadium might be there a couple times a week, making other times available to others… while we have to live with the endless impact every day and night.

Read More: see Nov 20th submission to DPD page 33


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