Stadium Lighting

What will be the impact of stadium lighting between and above our homes?

The lights will be large clusters of many lighting fixtures at the top of 70 foot high towers, as high as a 7 story building, erected near the north ridge of the GreenLake basin.

The glare from major sports lighting can be very obtrusive and be one of the greatest determinates of quality of life and livability of its neighbors.

Seattle falls far short of many other cities in addressing lighting and glare.

The neighbors have submitted a compendium to the mayor, council, and DPD outlining the issues, how other cities have addressed the issues, and the information those cities require to be submitted for review regarding proposed lighting installations. The compendium is posted on the web at:

Seattle's Department of Planning and Development have ONLY considered the level of light spillage on the ground at the edge of the field.

There is no concern given to the blanket of light, the placement of these bright lights in a dark neighborhood of single family homes, the environmental impact, the impact on our ability to view the sky, the impact when the light is reflected from cloud coverage, the degree to which glare will obstruct and destroy the vistas or the direct cost to each of us when our property values drop.

To date the Blanchet’s consultants have not bothered to analyze the sight lines of the lighting fixtures from adjacent residences, from the surrounding neighborhood, nor from the areas within the Green Lake basin. Nor have they analyzed whether they will create a blinding glare to westbound driver’s eyes as they crest the top of the hill on 85th Street.

The bright bulbs will impact vistas from Phinney Ridge to Maple Leaf and from Licton Springs, across Greenlake to Wallingford. Many are concerned that these lights will have a blinding effect on those who walk around Greenlake. The glare from these towers will most certainly be reflected in the lake and impact those attempting to enjoy the evening and night skies.

Blanchet has proposed using lights 119 or more nights per year.  Their proposal is posted at

Click here to see what sports lights actually look like. Large amounts of their glare are visible both from their back, sides, and front – all supposedly outside of their misnamed “shielded” zones.


For more discussion see pages 35 – 37 and Exhibit D of our Nov. 20 submittal to the city entitled Deny the Blanchet Stadium Proposal” – click here.



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