Contribute: Blanchet Neighborhood Defense Fund

Please CONTRIBUTE to help pay the costs for our neighborhood’s - our home's - defense.

We retained an attorney to help us prepare our case challenging the permit and we won at the Hearing Examiner.  But Blanchet and the Archdiocese appealed.  The case went to Federal District Court which ruled that the federal Religious Land Use & Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000 required that the provision of City code that allowed lights at the Northwest and Northeast Athletic Complexes should be applied to Blanchet, and remanded the case back to the City's DPD.

On Feb. 26, 2015  the City's DPD issued a decision.  Its protections for our neighborhood were inadequate. So CBN has appealed.  We and our attorney believe that we have excellent grounds for achieving better conditions and restrictions to be placed on the stadium and its lights.

The most effective defense would require efforts by our attorney, a transportation consultant, our noise consultant, and a lighting consultant. They have all graciously reduced their normal fees and CBN is providing volunteer legwork to support them. To mount the most effective defense of our home during the current appeal could cost up to $20,000.  The closer we come to that amount, the better our defense will be.

March 1, 2015 Update:  Since our Nov. 1, 2014  update we've received over $12,000 of additional contributions and the amount continues to grow.

Nov. 1, 2014 update: Blanchet resubmitted for a new permit. And at the city's encouragement CBN and Blanchet entered mediation to see if a compromise could be reached.  CBN's membership determined that the results of that mediation were unacceptable and voted not to accept it.  The whole issue has now entered a new phase.

Oct. 31, 2014 update: To date we have received contributions of $21,235 into our trust account for attorney fees. We have expended $20,804.76, leaving a balance of apx. $480.

Jan. 5, 2014 update:  To date we have received contributions of $15,235 into our trust account for attorney fees from which we have expended $14,679.76 through submittal of our brief to Federal District Court, leaving a current balance of $555.24. To date we have received 68 contributions, averaging $245, from 46 households.

David Mann, our attorney, is highly experienced at land use and environmental law, and has won a case before the US Supreme Court in the last several years. He has done an impressive amount and quality of work for us to date and continues to be very judicious in the use of our funds.

Our attorney is David Mann, with Gendler & Mann, LLP
with offices at 936 N 34th St., Suite 400, Seattle 98103.--but please send contributions to the address below
We have established a trust account at our attorney’s office to accept contributions.  
made out to Gendler & Mann, LLP, with a note on the
memo line “Concerned Blanchet Neighbors”.
Dean Enell, our treasurer, at:
4755 Lakeside Drive,
Langley, WA 98260
So far donations have ranged from $150 to $1,000, but any amount would help.
Dean Enell is one of the longest residence of the Blanchet Neighborhood (1979).  While Dean is currently living in Langley, he still owns two family homes directly across from the school in which 3 daughters now live.  Dean has remained active in the neighborhood and was elected as our Treasurer for our neighborhood defense fund.  
We will keep accounting of each donation – and our books will be fully open at all times, but we will keep names confidential unless you designate otherwise.
Our expenses include fees for our attorney, a transportation consultant, a lighting consultant and misc. legal filing fees.  All other expenses have been provided by neighbors gratis.  We have several neighbors with senior level land use experience and through their efforts have reduced the consultants' time and cost.  Through the generosity of those involved we have been and hope to continue to contain our expenses.
At the conclusion, any remaining amounts in the trust account will be returned to each donor in a prorated manner.