Thursday, November 27, 2014

The fight over Blanchet’s lights continues. Act immediately!! ***WRITE to the DPD about your concerns*** ***Contribute to our legal defense fund*** See our talking points for how to comment to City Hall at .

We expect the City to make a permit decision about Blanchet’s Stadium application very soon. We will then have 2-3 weeks after that to decide whether to appeal. This is the final, 3 part defense of our neighborhood. Concerned Blanchet Neighbors voted last week to continue the fight in defense of our neighborhood – to do so we need your support and your contributions NOW. Please see


During Sept. and Oct. we attempted formal mediation with Blanchet. The resulting proposed settlement agreement is posted at . CBN’s membership voted not to accept it – see our summary to the city on why we rejected it at , with its Volume 2 – Exhibits, at .

In mid November Blanchet sent to the city a new proposal for their lights. In it they suggested their proposed conditions of use to be applied in the permit – it’s posted here at . In it they asserted that their proposed conditions largely reflected the mediation agreement. That assertion is blatantly false. Our response to the city is posted at .

And in mid November, Blanchet proposed a different set of field lights. That proposal, complete with photos, is posted here at