Friday, February 6, 2015

As of Feb. 5, 2015 According to DPD’s website, all of the permit review steps have now been completed. The permit will likely be posted soon. We will then review the conditions that permit places on the stadium and its lights; We will have about 2 weeks to decide whether they are adequate or whether to appeal.
All of our submittals to the city to date are under the “Resources” tab on this website - . Our last 5 submittals were:
* CBN’s Peer Review of Blanchet’s Parking & Transportation Submittals – Feb. 5, 2015,
* CBN’s Submittal re Glare – Jan. 29, 2015
* CBN’s Technical Memorandum, re SEPA – Dec. 23, 2014
* CBN Response to DPD re Blanchet’s Lawyer’s Summary - Dec. 17, 2014
* CBN’s Technical Memorandum re Noise – Dec. 17, 2014
You can see all submittals by all parties posted by the DPD on their website at - type 3018118 in their “search by number” box.
And you can monitor progress of the permit at DPD’s website at