Blanchet & the Archdiocese appeal the Hearing Examiner's decision

Thursday, August 8, 2013

As announced earlier, Blanchet and the Archdiocese have appealed the Hearing Examiner’s decision to State Superior Court. We will vigorously defend the Hearing Examiner’s decision alongside the city’s defense. We’ll update you periodically when more is known.


To avoid confusion: Some of you may have received today or tomorrow a letter from the city's DPD announcing the appeal hearing has been cancelled. That refers to the hearing at the Hearing Examiner which was cancelled when the Hearing Examiner ruled in our favor. It does not refer to, nor affect, the court case for Blanchet's appeal.
We have a substantial amount left in our trust account from the first round – enough to cover the lion’s share of our anticipated costs. We may or may not need to add to it as the case progresses, we’ll let you know when and if the need arises.
We remind you of the 19th annual Meridian Block Party between 80th and 82nd this Saturday between 2:00 and dark. (It usually takes an hour or two for many to arrive). You’re all invited this year in celebration of our first round victory. It includes a stage with neighborhood musicians and talent, a potluck, and games and entertainment for the whole family.
We will have a card at the block party for all to sign to thank our attorney, David Mann, for his winning the day for us in round 1. If you can’t make it to the party but would like to sign the card, send Lee Bruch an email at LBruch@nwlink.comand he will add your name, or arrange to come by his house to sign it in advance.

Once again, you’re all awesome in how the neighborhood has pulled together in its defense.