Bishop Blanchet High School's Field Sound & Lighting City MUP Project 3018118

Stop this train, I want off! Since 2000 Blanchet has completed 6 separate projects incrementally changing a simple athletic field to a stadium. The cumulative impacts of these actions have never been addressed.
More - again? The current application allows for stadium use 119 or more nights per year, including until 10:30 (or 10:00 depending on which Blanchet submittal you read) for football games  (note: as of Aug. 3, 2014, in their latest submittal to the city there is no limit on the number of nights of use). These extended hours allow many more games and practices for a variety of sports throughout the days of the week.
Who's using this stadium? Blanchet and ____ - fill in the blank. Their current application makes it clear that Blanchet and others will use the stadium. Who are those others?
Turn out the lights - I'm trying to sleep. This application asks for lights 119 or more nights per year, including until  10:00 or 10:30 for games (note: as of Aug. 3, 2014, in their latest submittal to the city there is no limit on the number of nights of use). These lights will be as high as a 7 story building and the glare will intrude on nearby residences and be visible throughout much of the Greenlake basin.
Noise in the city - what's that you said? You can't talk in your own front yard during activities so neighbors hired a sound professional to monitor the last season game, and to no one's surprise levels of both sustained and peak noise exceed city limits by 10 db - 10 db represents a doubling of the level of noise heard by the human ear..
Parking - Oh Well, guess I'll just park two blocks away and haul these groceries home later. Narrow residential streets without alley parking are frequently packed with school related vehicles.
Cars, cars, cars! Most institutions and major employers are required to create institute traffic reduction plans - why can't Blanchet work towards keeping our neighborhood from being overwhelmed with vehicles?
There's got to be a better way. What would happen to other Seattle neighborhoods if this precedent leads to more stadiums at more high schools in more single family neighborhoods?
Now what? As multi-decade residents of a long standing, single family neighborhood that surrounds Blanchet high school, we've coped long enough from the expanding impacts of Blanchet and its stadium. We’d welcome the opportunity to cooperate with Blanchet to strengthen both the school and the neighborhood.